A1: How to do well in a job interview

English course oriented to prepare integrally the student for any preliminary interview to enter the workplace. In this course you will acquire the necessary skills to adequately perceive the interviewer requirements


English course oriented to developing useful abilities in a business environment, regarding to life skills mentoring. Successful people can point one or more mentors have been important to their growth and development. Mentors are able to help individuals with needs, problems, learning new skills quickly, long-term support and guidance. Mentoring is a giving and receiving relationship between involved parts, it is helping each other in order to grow. In this course you will get a guide to receive a mentoring to help you in discovering your strengths, eliminate feelings of anxiety, develop social skills, learn new things, healthcare and personal finance guidance.

Lo que aprenderás

Students will be able to apply keys to personal success
Students will be able to discover their skills
Students will be able to develop learning and social skills

Contenido del Curso

Life skills mentoring - 30 minutos

Knowing my strengths - 20 minutos

It's never too late to learn! - 15 minutos

Strengths and Learning Skills Test - 40 minutos

Eliminating stucking attitudes - 15 minutos

Social Skills and Development - 30 minutos

Anxiety - 30 minutos

Stucking Attitudes & Anxiety Test - 40 minutos

Keys to personal success - 15 minutos

Healthcare - 15 minutos

Social Skills & Keys to personal success Test - 40 minutos

Social Skills & Keys to personal success Test - 40 minutos

How to handle one's finances. - 30 minutos

Healthcare & Personal Finances Test - 40 minutos

Life skills mentoring
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